They’re all evil, right?


US, Russia, EU, China.. Playing their games in foreign politics, doing tricks to further their interests. Money and power, that is. This is how it’s been and will be. It’s only natural, human ego being what it is.

So it’s easy to assume they’re all evil and lying to us. Too easy.

That’s exactly what the evil guys want you to think.

They don’t want you to think about freedom of people to elect their governors who create laws that bind the governors themselves. In short, freedom and democracy. What a cliche that is anyway, you might be yawning.

Big mistake. Because there is real evil in the world. People who are not afraid to torture and kill others to further their aims. They exist in every country. And the fundamental – or only – defence we have is a law that binds everyone, including the governors themselves, against doing harm to others. And for that law to be decided by people chosen from all of us, based on free exchange of ideas and equal voting.

That is a major separator of powers that are. No single bad guy with his powerful friends is above the law and able to control the whole state in US and EU. No matter how hard Obama wants to make a change, he still needs to convince the congress to vote his way. And they are often very much opposed. In case they find agreement, there’s still a third power, the judiciary, who can throw any of them in jail – yes, even Mr President himself – for breaking the law.

So for the inevitable bad person in power doing bad things, there are two other elements – also chosen by people – trying to keep him in control.

That’s not how things are in Russia and China. There, the law is a tool for the rulers to further their aims. With free discussion suppressed by state-controlled media and no real free voting allowed, they have an almost total control of the government, parliamentary and courts of law.

And such a level of control gives them power to do bad things on a scale that would be much more difficult for a leader of the EU or US. Lately that power has been used on an information campaign with unprecedented skill and resources to make us think.. They’re all evil and the same, right.

So is everybody evil? I don’t think so. When he’s fast asleep, even the most ruthless dictator has stopped thinking of his ego. He feels love for the rest of the universe, including other human beings.

Let’s hope that one morning he wakes up and remembers it.